Monday, March 17, 2014

Jailbreak your iOS 7 using Cydia Download

Jailbreak your iOS 7 using RageBreak
Would you like to have the possibility to download and install cydia the newest applications for you iOS 7 for free? Well, now, this is possible due to the new software named RageBreak!
RageBreak is a new released tool available for all iOS 7 possessors that you can download from cydia, who wants to Jailbreak their iOS 7.
Developed before the iOS 4 release by Geohot, Limera1n is used by RageBreak only for Jailbreaking iPhone 4 and cydia download.
You have to tether your iPhone with a Windows operated PC, because this tool is tethered only Jailbreak. Some users may get some buggy errors, but successful rate is very high, the tool using opensn0w, according to the developers.

Steps for Jailbreak iOS 7:
1. Download RageBreak.exe file from this site
2. Download Cydia and install Java Development Kit from here
3. Next step, download and install iOS 7.0.4 firmware
4. Access RageBreak (if you're expecting difficulties opening RageBreak, go to System prefs, Security and Privacy, open General tab and select Allow apps downloaded from anywhere
5. When RageBreak opens, type 1 and then press enter
6. After you plug your iPhone to the computer, switch it to DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode. You can activate DFU mode using the following steps: press and hold for 10 seconds the home and power button, releasing for another 10 seconds only the power button
7. Go to window when Java app starts and press enter
8. Fill alpine password
9. When finishing, press enter and switch your iPhone in DFU mode again
10. Next step, choose your model and boot the device
11. When reboot finishes, access RageBreak, type 5 and press enter Cydia
12. Last step is to watch the instructions, putting your device again in DFU mode, after your model was selected
In order to succeed RageBreak Jailbreak, you need the following:
Windows OS
Cydia 7.0.6
.Net frameworks
32 bit Java

If you get 404 error in cydia apps or other .net errors, then put your iPhone 4 in DFU mode, by typing c:/jb and run their ssh file. Your device will be rebooted and switched into restore mode. Boost your Apple device from opensn0w directory under c:/jb and run .bat file.
For your knowledge, the Jailbreak or download cydia process would be simpler and safer if it was an untethered Jailbreak, else, it is quite long and requires experience to be performed as a tethered Jailbreak.
Feel free to share with us your experience using RageBreak, either for the entire process, or any other opinions about Jailbreaked Cydia Sources.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A banking app for a wearable gadget

How would like to access your bank account with a pair of glasses? Well Google Glass is the future wearable gadget that will provide that for us. Westpac is already trying this technology in New Zeeland and in Australia.
Harry Wendt is the digital general manager of Westpac. He was recently interviewed by Fairfax Media. He stated that Westpac is trying St. George MoneyMeter app on two great gadgets: Google Glass and smart watches. They also want the devices to have a locator for the branches and for the ATMs. They are not testing this brand new technology and they want to use it with their other brands. Google Glass is also tested with Cash Tank app.

Simon Pomeroy, chief digital officer at Westpac said that by December this year wearing Google Glasses while entering a store may turn into an interesting experience. If we want to buy anything but we do not know how much money we have left in our bank account, that’s not going to be a problem anymore. With the corner of our eye we should see instantly our savings in our bank account. Also if we want to transfer some money between two bank accounts, it is going to be possible with Google Glasses. Want to be notified about every action on your bank account? Google Glasses covers this too. If you cannot find the closest ATM or Westpac branch, Google Glasses will help you.
Unfortunately this gadget is not for sale yet. But as soon as we could buy it, apps are going to be ready to use. We expect Google Glasses to be released this very year.
Apple iBeacon is a new wireless, bluetooth-based technology. Receiving data packages by radio waves customers will be able to get offers and massages when they are next to a shop or a branch. And that’s not all. In future we may get such information about restaurants, parks, stadiums and concert venues, or car companies.
Harry Wendt said they are working hard to get this technology in the life of their customers.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to install Cydia on your iphone, ipod, or ipad

Game of Thrones Trailer #2 - Vengeance (HBO)

New Google App allow you to play Movies & TV via Google Play on your iPhone for free

The new App come with some restriction though. Beneath you can learn how to use your iPhone and
iPad with the Google Play installed.

To install the Google Play Movies & TV for free, you can search in the App Store for Google Play or
Google Play Movies & TV and proceed to installation.

Apple’s App Store release the app Google Play Books back in 2010, and after that, in September 2013
Google Play Music was launched and ready to use by Apples fans.

You can try now Google Play Movies & TV on your iPhone and iPad but you can't have the Google Play Store because Android apps don't work on Apple products.

Once installed the app you can watch the movies and TV series you bought via Google Play.
Apple don't allow to buy new films or TV shows via Google Play installed on iPhones or iPad
for that you must use the Play Store from Android devices or another browser.

In order to watch movies you'll need a Wi-Fi connection because Apple rules don't allow 3G or 4G streaming for that.

Another inconvenient thing will be that you can't watch movies on a large screen TV because the App don't have AirPlay support so one Apple TV will be useless. Chromecast has support but Google’s streaming HDMI dongle didn't start the sales in UK, so this qfeature of the app is uncertain.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Transform Spotlight Search into a Dictionary

In Cydia Store you can find a lot of tweaks that can remove from my opinion that useless page called Spotlight Search, but what if you can give another meaning to that nonsense. Well with what I am about to present you can transform Spotlight into a Dictionary. Yes you heard it right; you will have the possibility to lock up a definition of a word. Maybe for some of you this is useless too. Is it useless when you hear a new word and to avoid any embarrassment you rely to something like this? The answer is simple, no. It is good to improve yourself than to stay ignorant.

Installation of SpotDefine is very simple, so does the functionality. You just simple input the word in the Spotlight field and after the search is complete you will be greeted with the definition and much more information related to that word.

If you want to have a Dictionary instead of the usual Spotlight functionality head to Cydia and download SpotDefine from the BigBoss repo this tweak for free.